Hear No Movie See No Movie

Episode #29 - Lethal Weapon

December 30, 2019 Hear No Movie See No Movie
Hear No Movie See No Movie
Episode #29 - Lethal Weapon
Hear No Movie See No Movie
Episode #29 - Lethal Weapon
Dec 30, 2019
Hear No Movie See No Movie

Another 80's Action flick! Sign me up, me being Evan. Evan's writing this, and Evan loves 80's action films... and talking in 3rd person.


Hear No See No Movie

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Another 80's Action flick! Sign me up, me being Evan. Evan's writing this, and Evan loves 80's action films... and talking in 3rd person.


Hear No See No Movie

spk_2:   0:11
welcome to hear no movie seen a movie about gas or one host watches a movie with no sound and the other listens to it with no picture.

spk_1:   0:17
I'm 100 gs in this week. I watched Lethal Weapon.

spk_2:   0:21
I'm having nothing in this week. I listened to Lethal Weapon. Um, before we get started, Will have you seen this movie

spk_0:   0:27
a long time ago?

spk_1:   0:28
Okay, I was about to say, because you gave us a lot of shit for not having seen it. So, you know, I have to go, but I don't. I'm pulling

spk_0:   0:35
up the summary because I don't know very well enough to speak about it.

spk_1:   0:39
How are you gentlemen doing doing good? It

spk_2:   0:41
is. As this day comes out, I believe it's the 29th and 30th. So this is the last episode of the year.

spk_1:   0:47
Yeah, it is. This was exciting. And it's also probably our last recording session of

spk_0:   0:51
the year. Yeah,

spk_2:   0:53
Yeah, we'll be there. We're all kind of going away for vacation stuff now. So a decade of recording

spk_0:   0:57
Wait. Why did you guys choose? This is your New Year's movie?

spk_1:   1:01
Well, one, we looked up New Year's movies and there are none. Really. None that we like that aren't also Christmas movies that we

spk_2:   1:09
have. Yes, the problem Out of the new Year's movies. Tie in with a Christmas movie?

spk_1:   1:13
Yeah, and then all the ones that are New Year's and Christmas movies. We've seen them all. Yeah, Yeah. This is a

spk_2:   1:18
hard thing to do to try to find movies, especially with teens, you know?

spk_1:   1:22
Yeah, especially with the teams. But I like the themes. And if you guys like the themes, you know, just keep sitting on your ass and not telling us about it. Uh, because you're all just a bunch of lazy bums

spk_2:   1:30
stuck into you, all of this. Why not me and will,

spk_1:   1:32
Yeah, you the listener? Um, that's a weak, weak, weak, a weapon. We don't weapon. We stole the weapon. Week. A weapon with Mel Gibson was a Danny Guava and Danny Glover. I do have something to say about this movie.

spk_2:   1:53
I got a lot of right

spk_1:   1:55
off the bat. No one ever talks about how this is a Christmas movie. Yeah. What? What happened? No one told us this. Die hard. Everyone wants to talk about it. Everyone wants to debate about it. I have never heard anyone say Lethal weapon is a Christmas. Never with a weapon is a Christmas movie. And I'll tell you what. There was maybe more Christmas trees in this movie then, than any other movie we've seen. Oh, any other? Wow. Especially the die hard. I watched for both. And I only say that because one of the scenes took place in a Christmas tree farm in this movie. Yeah, And with a weapon.

spk_2:   2:34
Yes, I think of me, me and Hunter last night. Like we have to delete the weapon first. After we both like washing. Listen.

spk_1:   2:41
Yeah, and that was the only way.

spk_2:   2:44
Which is, like, I think we're on the same page. We gotta do it first, because it's got to be in December. Yeah, immediately started off like Jingle Bells on Really is the song. And I just put my head against the desk.

spk_1:   2:54
Uh, damn it. A perfect. I'm glad we did with the weapon now and didn't wait to do it at all. We've been wanting to do this movie for a lot for a very long time. Yeah,

spk_2:   3:05
Dude, it's is one of the I love the eighties Action flicks, and I can't believe I haven't seen this one. So on that note,

spk_1:   3:13
I had to watch the last eighties action flick We did die hard, die hard, and I had a terrible time because, you know, eighties action flick didn't really work well with watching because, you know, it's just like exploding explosion. It is cool to watch, but there was more story and die hard that I missed this one. I had a blast watching. Yeah, I was very shocked then. This one, I think I there's, like, one key part to the story that I don't understand. But it didn't matter. Hey, um well, we're going to hop, right? Yeah. Um, do you think you have a good understanding of the movie? Oh, yeah. All right. So I'll go first. Yeah. Yeah. So with a weapon, uh, opens up. Wait, What did it open up?

spk_2:   3:58
1987. Coming to a theater New Year. That's when it opened up. Was it 87?

spk_0:   4:04
The release date is March 6th, 1987.

spk_2:   4:07
All right. Coming to a theater near you driving.

spk_1:   4:10
So then? Yeah. So we got What was that? What opens up immediately. First of all boob count in this movie is kind of like four ish. There was, like, some scenes where, like, you couldn't let you could see that they were, but they were trying to hide it. Okay, Uh, so, yeah, opens up girl in her bathrobe, shown boob doing cocaine. And then she jumps off a balcony. Yeah, very high up balcony, which I

spk_2:   4:44
didn't find out till later when they were talking about it. So it's funny that that was there.

spk_1:   4:48
I happened like she's like, It's not like she's gonna say, Yeah,

spk_2:   4:52
I am going off Here I go. We talked about that. Die hard. I can't tell the difference from when a body's hitting the ground or not. I don't know the distinctive noise that a body makes when it hits the ground. Yeah, so remember that, So, yes, So that Okay, so that starts. And that it Did you get a name for her? Probably. Um,

spk_1:   5:18
kind of, I think. Let me get Tau. Think, Mary. Um, So she jumps off, and then it's like cuts, too. Our boy Murtaugh waking up on his birth. Oh, he's taking a bath and his family comes in. Murtaugh played by Danny Glover Camp, You know, uh, what? Oh, uh, Murtaugh is played by Danny Glover. His birthday. His family, you know, does the whole happy birthday thing while he's in the bath. Then it cuts to Mel Gibson Place Riggs Right up. He wakes up in a trailer on the beach with his dog and, you know, he then goes He's like, undercover, the next scene buying cocaine and then he, like, kills a bunch. People. So right. Like the whole premise of the opening of this movie is Myrtle has a family Riggs loner. But then, at the end of this whole leg introduction of the two of them, we see Riggs goes home, and he is like sitting there looking at a picture of him and his wife. And then he's like, kind of like, all sad. So my cool wife left him Wife's dad, one of those two out of the picture, and he takes his gun and he puts a bullet in, and he holds it to his head and you just sit there and he's like, shaking and struggling and crying. And then he just like, gives up. And then he shows up the police station. Plainclothes and Myrtle has never seen him before. And all of a sudden, while he's at the police station. Other, both cops, By the way, You say that part, they're both cops. Yeah, and he's plain clothes at the police station. Then he pulls out his gun while he's there. Myrtle runs and tackles him because I've never seen this guy. And now he isn't done s. So it turns out now they're partners, and it doesn't work out because Murtaugh is like, you know, family man. Probably close to retirement. I think you know, he's got grays in him, you know? He's getting gray, and the Riggs has a death wish for sure. And he wants, like, he literally wants to die. But I think he would rather die in the line of duty, then kill himself, right? I think that's the whole kind of thing. Okay, um, so then you know, we see them go, and this guy's about to jump off a building. So Riggs and Murtaugh show up, and they're like, Murtaugh is like All right, well, the protocol is, And then Riggs runs upstairs, and he fucked a protocol. I don't care about protocol and he runs upstairs, gets on the roof, handcuffed himself to the guy who's about to jump on dso you think like, oh, cool. He handcuffed himself to the guy. Now he's just gonna jump back onto the roof, bring the guy with him no jumps off the building, makes the guy jump off. So you like, you know, he handcuffed himself to the guy, and he's like, Listen here you will. You little bitch. You know, you're gonna You're gonna go up here, not follow through. I'm gonna make it, and then he makes him jump. Okay, so then he jumps, forces the guy to jump with a cigarette in his mouth. Which guy Riggs has a cigarette? Yeah. Yeah, he offered the guy cigarette. Yeah, and the guy couldn't reach it. Uh huh. Yeah, that's right. So we and then Riggs, then like, they make it and they land on, like, the big, like, inflatable thing with the fire department out there. Murtaugh pulls him into a into the corner store, and he's like, What do you think you're doing? I've got a family. You're going to risk your life like that. And then they smack each other around a little bit, you know? And then you just live. Yeah, smack each other around a little bit. You know, it looked like a used car. Inflatable. Yeah. Kind of lead with car, man. Once they smack each other around, you know, then Murtaugh goes home, and he oh, Murtaugh is like, I'm a show you the meaning of life, Riggs. So it's kind of like, Oh, it's a wonderful life or previous movie. Um, So he shows rig the meaning of life, and he takes a wonderful weapon. It's a lethal, like, Wow, they're really good alliteration. They over the car? Yeah. Way should

spk_2:   9:25
be in Hollywood, Guys, we could make the next Donald Glover. Danny Glover. No, no, Dani,

spk_0:   9:32
the next one would be

spk_2:   9:33
Donald Donald Glover and, um, the other guy from wonderful life. Jeff Bridges. What? What? James Stewart. James stories. He still life?

spk_0:   9:44
Probably not. I don't think so.

spk_2:   9:46
Um, but get a death date. I need to know. Um, that movie was apparently really good.

spk_0:   9:55
James Stewart died in 1997

spk_2:   9:59
was a minute. It's been a while before anyone in this room was born. I don't know. You

spk_1:   10:05
tell everyone how old I am.

spk_2:   10:07
What, you hiding it? Yeah, a lot. Try and give me a sugar mama. Then she would want She likes your

spk_0:   10:14
age. Oh, that's creepy, bruv. What? I didn't say it. She likes your that. Not

spk_1:   10:22
like my ages 12. I don't know why you hiding. Maybe, but a sugar moment is

spk_0:   10:26
like, Yo, I want some young blood. Yeah,

spk_2:   10:28
that's not what I want. A seven.

spk_1:   10:30
Wow. I didn't know. We kink. Shame on this podcast. Wow. Hey,

spk_0:   10:35
I'm not king shaving. You did know It may look like I did, but I didn't.

spk_1:   10:40
All right, Yeah. We're just gonna glaze over your whole thing. Um, you have a fetish. Oh, now you're gonna deny that. And the king

spk_0:   10:47
shaming. I see you're upset. So you're trying to get back at me, huh? Are making shit up, huh? All right. I have the power I can mute what you just said so people won't have any idea what you're talking about.

spk_2:   11:00
I'm in the thighs. My cares what I'm into.

spk_0:   11:05
Thanks for sharing.

spk_1:   11:08
All right. So I don't even know what

spk_2:   11:11
the So Riggs is going to Myrtle. Oh,

spk_1:   11:14
yeah. Riggs. Murtaugh. I'd like to show you the meaning of life. I'm gonna sit you down to a dinner with my family, right? They go to dinner with his family, and I was getting flirtatious vibes with Murtaugh, his daughter and Riggs. She walked down the stairs, gave him one of those, like one by one finger waves. You know where you do like you start with your pinky, and then you go from, like, each finger rather than like, the whole hand. You know what I mean? You wait like that wave like that, you should take the whole hand. You don't go. You don't do one finger at a time. You know what

spk_0:   11:47
I mean? You gotta explain. So you gotta do like

spk_1:   11:49
I did explain, Pinky, then your next finger than the next finger. All at a time, right?

spk_0:   11:54
Okay. Get your son to what you're saying as I watch it, and I still don't know what the fuck you.

spk_1:   11:59
I'm with you. Yeah, and he listened in the movie Pinky

spk_2:   12:02
ring finger, Middle finger in next thumb.

spk_1:   12:05
When you do one of those, that's a little low curl. A little flirtation we've It's a little flirtation.

spk_2:   12:14
Yes, tomorrow on May ho ho ho.

spk_1:   12:18
What? What What was that, anyway? This movie? Um, yeah, I was getting flirtatious vibes with Murtaugh daughter in Riggs, but that doesn't really play into the plot at all. Right, So they're sitting there having dinner. Riggs is having a blast, and then Murtaugh, like, gets evidence at his house. Evidence is delivered to his house, which I thought was weird. I was like, if work ever delivered things to my home, I'd be really mad. And when he gets the evidence at his house, he, like, looks at it and he likes stays up all night, and then I don't know what the evidence was, and I don't I assume that it was of the woman doing cocaine and jumping off the balcony because we have yet to see her play into anything. And then all of a sudden, random guys are now involved, right? So they go to his lighthouse, and then as they're walking up, it blows up. Yeah, right. And the house blows up. So then they're like talking to these kids who live in the neighborhood. They're like, Did you see anyone go in there? And the kid was like, Yeah, and he had a tattoo and was a sword going through a snake. And then Riggs is like, You mean like this one? And he shows them It's cool bicep, right? And then he's got that same tattoo. And the kid's like, Yeah, so then they go home and when they go home, Murtaugh has, like, a note, and it's like your daughter looks pretty naked. Your daughter looks pretty naked.

spk_2:   13:47
Looks pretty. You should put some clothes on. She looks pretty

spk_1:   13:51
naked bit. And then, like, he has, like, a Polaroid of his naked daughter. And Riggs is with him, and they're like, Whoa, what? And then they go to the desert Riggs a stoner. Whoa! What? What? Naked. You mean like this bicep? Thio do? Yeah. And then Riggs goes, they go to the desert, and then Riggs is like, very far away with a sniper, and Myrtle rolls up in his station wagon, right? And then Gary beause he shows up with a helicopter, a limousine and a whole entourage of SUVs and, like, 15 people pop out with guns and they're all pointed at Murtaugh and then, like shit goes south. Murtaugh pulls out a grenade and then Gary beause he shoots the grenade out of his hand. So now our boy more talk shop, right? Riggs is now sniping motherfuckers from, like, miles away. And he's sniffing everybody, and then all of a sudden and dude walks up behind rigs and puts a gun to his head and Riggs like shit. So he then, like, everything goes south. Murtaugh, Riggs get captured. They get tortured while they're getting captured. They still have Myrtle's daughter. I never said that. The immortals daughter. Yeah, right. When they're torturing him, did you catch how they tortured rigs?

spk_2:   15:06
Now, from here on out, Um, I didn't get anything else in the movie, like I know. Like I know what happened. I don't know

spk_1:   15:12
how. Copy. Yeah, so they have them captured, and they're just, like, kind of since Riggs with since Myrtle was shot, there's throwing salt on all of his gunshot wounds. Yeah, and then Riggs is, like, dangling from a chain, and then they, like, are soaking him in water and they hook a sponge up to a car battery and they start scrubbing him with this bunch. Who? Yeah, But then since Riggs is a badass, I think he's former military. I'd say he's former former special forces, because I think that's what the tattoo means. The tattoo means that this guy they're hunting down was in his leg team. Um,

spk_2:   15:51
I'm trying. No, no, don't Don't tell. I'm trying to have a blanket face possible, so I'm gonna let him get through it. All

spk_1:   15:58
right, So then Riggs is a badass. Gets themselves, gets all of them out of that situation, rescues himself, Murtaugh and the daughter. Then Big Shootout. Whole thing Next. The whole rest of this movie is them running and shooting. So it's just a running gun from here. And then they get to Myrtle's house and Gary beause he beat them there. So Gary Busey is now trying to go to Myrtle's Half. I don't know how Gary Busey plays into anything. Not at all. I just know that he kidnapped Murtaugh, his daughter, for some reason, right. So what I'm thinking is Gary Busey was using the woman who jumped off a balcony for money. He was like selling her body for sex type of sex trafficking. He was trafficking the woman. Sorry, that was the worker, right? So he was trafficking. That woman who was jumping off the balcony. Hey, Riggs and Murtaugh are onto them, right? So he was trafficking that woman. And now he's like, shit, they're gonna capture my hold sex trafficking ring. Right? So beauty doesn't want to get Epstein. So he goes to their house. Yeah, he goes that way over that. We can start that right? So beauty goes to Myrtle's house and he, like, is walking around. There's a Christmas tree because it's Christmas movie. And then the Christmas tree has a note that says, Hey, bad guys, No one's home. For some reason, I guess Myrtle's daughter wrote it or something. Very young daughter. He is like a lot of kids, right? And then all of a sudden, beauties like walking around the house, like with his gun, and then cop car rolls through the fucking wall. Cop car rolls through the wall and beauty starts lightening up, right. And then he goes to the front seat to see the dead bodies Boom. No, they just jammed a nightstick onto the gas Pendleton and then rig runs in, puts a gun to his old war buddies. Head right. So now they're like capture and beauty and all the other cops in the world show up. There's like a 1,000,000 cops outside. Riggs and Murtaugh have finally captured Buc. But when they captured him before the other cops showed up, they didn't have handcuffs on him because it was a very odd situation for me. I was very confused. Now I'm not a cop, but my dad was. So I texted my dad and asked him, right. We had he

spk_2:   18:12
fallen a friend on this one? Yes,

spk_1:   18:14
because they captured Gary Busey and it's just the two of them. None of the other cops showed up there out in the yard and they get him to drop his gun. And I'm like, cool, handcuff him before he runs away or punches you and they take their time to frisk him. So now Murtaugh is like, on his knees, like patting down his legs, and I'm just thinking like he can punch you in the head, handcuff him so it takes my dad. I was like, Well, wait, what's first priority here? Do you frisk first? Do you handcuff furs? Because I'm not a cop. But every time I've been arrested, I've been handcuffed first, right? I've

spk_2:   18:50
never been arrested either. I've never been arrested. Wait a minute. We need to go

spk_1:   18:55
into the bit one time. It was Christmas. My dad put me in riot cuffs, though. What's

spk_2:   19:00
the difference? What are they like? Fuzzy

spk_1:   19:01
riot. No riot comes air like zip ties. Okay, you break out of him. No, I think that's

spk_2:   19:11
why Because, like I tell, I imagined ideas. Uh, getting in a handcuff situation at, like, Thanksgiving dinner? Yeah. I gotta get out of them. Your dad was like, Oh, yeah, it's got something. The car

spk_1:   19:22
100%. What happened? I was like, those aren't handcuffs. And he was like, No, they are. And I was like, But you could just get out of them and you put me in and like me to struggle for, like, 10 minutes. I will never forget that. That's funny.

spk_0:   19:33
I've seen videos where people are like, Oh, you just have to, like, if they do behind your back, you just have to get your feet under. And then you just have to take him in like it's something like you push your elbows back really hard and it's supposed to split apart and everyone in the comments and videos like those are Oh, I could totally, totally do that. It's so easy. It's not. I'm just like, I really

spk_1:   19:52
don't think it is that, you see, there's no way. Yeah,

spk_2:   19:56
yeah, uh, find something sharp and then just start prying, Abby, my go to

spk_1:   20:00
I mean, or you could do what Riggs did in this movie and just be strong enough to split your ropes open for Really? Um, so? So they don't have hand

spk_2:   20:11
point. What'd your dad say for his current cuff? Well, so

spk_1:   20:13
I asked him, and then he was like, It's dependent on every situation. What's the situation? And I didn't want to much I didn't want to much information on the movie. Yeah, and I know he's seen with a weapon, but I didn't want to tell him you like Oh, well, at the end of with a weapon. So I just

spk_2:   20:29
gotta let a guy just letting you make one slip up in the beginning now. So what?

spk_0:   20:33
Saying over the w on purpose?

spk_1:   20:34
Yeah. I thought you were trying to say

spk_0:   20:36
it right. And I

spk_1:   20:37
was like, It still sounds like what is happening. I think it's really funny. We wait the weapon. It is. It doesn't sound

spk_0:   20:45
wrong enough to trigger my mind that you're joking.

spk_2:   20:50
One of those good accidents that has happened at the start of the podcast.

spk_1:   20:54
It's beautiful. So, what was that? The end. Right? So they don't have handcuffed of wheat. So with, uh, and so Riggs just decides we don't have handcuffs. Cool. I'm just gonna fight him for an hour. Straight up. He was like, Oh, are other cops on their way? Yeah, They'll have handcuffs. I'll hold him off. And Myrtle has him, like, contained and apprehended like he's holding onto him and Riggs. Just like now. I let me beat him up a little. So they just have this all out fist fight. It was so cool. Gary Beause Iverson. Mel Gibson. They're going at it. Go in real heart. And remember at the beginning of his movie, Riggs and Murtaugh did not get along yesterday. Right? So thistle takes place in one day. It's like a weekend movie. D'oh! Yeah, way that Myrtle's know. Yeah. And so then they're like fighting and everything. And Myrtle's like cheering a month and all the other cops roll up and they're like they run up to go apprehend Buc and Myrtle's like not now, let him have this so that all these cops urges watching rigs and beause he just fight. And then a helicopter shows up and shines a spotlight on them so that everyone can see. And beauty ends up picking up this, like, eight foot pole that was on the ground. And I guess it fell when they, like, destroyed the house would by running a cop car through it and he starts swinging the pole and then murder charge goes, Hey, Riggs and tosses him a nightstick. So now Mel Gibson is fighting Gary Beauty with just a nightstick, and the guy's got an eight foot pole, and eventually he just kicks the shit out of him, right? So now abuses down. And then the cops run up to him to go handcuff him, and Riggs goes up to Murtaugh, and they're like sharing a hug and everything and then beause he pulls the gun out of the copies, handcuffing the hymns, holster and turns around. And before he can even do anything, both Riggs and Murtaugh shoot him at the same time, he's dead. Movie over. But now I think the whole thing is Riggs is where? Because he didn't want to have to kill his old war buddy, right? He wanted to beat him up a lot. But I don't want to kill his old war buddy. And that is really the end of the movie. Oh, and then Riggs spend Christmas at Veritas. Uh, yeah.

spk_2:   23:05
So So, I mean, you've got the basic plot. For the most part, there's just a few details that I just want to Sprinkle in an ad in. But, I mean, for the most part, I feel like that was a very similar movie to what I got. Oh, um, what I immediately want to say is about the tattoo and why, why he had it wasn't his old war buddy. They were in special forces. You're right. You nailed special forces. They were in special forces. So he was like, Oh, you mean like this? This guy's serious. Oh, so they didn't know each other know? Yeah. Okay. Also Riggs differently in Riggs and Murtaugh. Liz Riggs doesn't mind killing. Riggs loves to kill most.

spk_1:   23:41
Yeah, he wants to kill himself. Yeah,

spk_2:   23:42
so? And That's why I was gonna get to as well. He wants to kill himself because he's been labeled as, like, insane in the police force. And they gave him this case because they're just like, you're gonna fuck this up. And then when you do, we're gonna, like, get you off the force. Uh, and so he knew that, and I don't remember quite what he did. Remember what he did when you like to get that kind of like, I think he just was always a bad cop. Like he would always shoot first. Ask questions later.

spk_1:   24:10
Yeah. I mean, there was a scene when he was doing that undercover scene that I have glazed over. Um, he was buying coke, and he even tasted it like he did coke there. And then he, like, got in the whole, like, Oh, I'm a cop type of situation and shoots a bunch of people. And then he gets in that, like, type a hold where they have their arm around your neck and the gun to your head, and then all the other cops like holding the gun. And Riggs is literally shouting to the cops. They're like, just shoot him. Don't worry about me. Just shoot him if I get shot than I get shot. Yeah. Did he He was so And that's

spk_2:   24:48
different. Myrtle's Martel's very textbook and and Myrtle says numerous occasions. The best catchphrase in this movie is I'm

spk_1:   24:56
too old for this shit. Oh, see, I knew that just from lethal Weapon five. Yeah, in always sunny and then always money, which we

spk_2:   25:02
are. I'm surprised it took us this long to mention Yeah, it was hard to watch if you know, always sunny lure, then the Lord of those that they know that they create another Lethal weapon movie. And it's hilarious. So, watching this, it was just like you're hearing all the cliches that they did.

spk_1:   25:21
I had to pet fish named Riggs and Murtaugh growing up. And you never said he hadn't even seen the movie. I didn't name them.

spk_0:   25:27
My dad did.

spk_2:   25:28
Does that make sense?

spk_0:   25:28
Yeah. So your dad had the fish

spk_2:   25:31
second shot out to your dad on this episode. Yeah,

spk_0:   25:34
Cesar. Mr. Dad, I like you did

spk_2:   25:38
at school. I don't know if I should come from. I come from a cool family. I don't know what to call. You never know what girlfriends Dad's there. Mom? Mr. Dia's okay? Yes, Mr D. A is What's up? I don't know, because it's like I'm on a first name basis yet on my non Do I call you dad? I don't know. You know, I always feel awkward about that. I'm never gonna meet parents,

spk_0:   26:00
Father. You could call him Father.

spk_1:   26:04
Both my parents love all of

spk_0:   26:05
you guys. So if yeah, it's

spk_2:   26:08
well, yeah, we love you too. So leave the weapon. A lot of great quotes in this movie as well. So one of them was was Martel was like, Do you have to, like, everywhere? Every person you meet do you have to kill them? And Greg's brings is like, I haven't killed you yet. He's like, Well, let's get through tomorrow and then I'll thank you. You know, they had a lot of good quotes. Um, driving. What else did you So Okay, so Okay, so the reason that girl jumped out the window, she her dad was the villain. Oh, those beauties daughter. Right. Well, that's a really big detail. Make sure that's right. Um, I don't I know that for sure. Her dad was in

spk_1:   26:48
hot water. There was another old rich man so that they were talking Toso. That's it was okay. Wait. Did either of you catch abuses? Actual character name? Yeah, he had a name tag

spk_2:   27:01
on the whole time. Hello. Is

spk_0:   27:04
haven't seen the movie in a while. His name was Jack Joshua, and then there was another character.

spk_2:   27:11
Yeah, Joshua Because he said he said You can call me Joshua.

spk_0:   27:14
And then did you guys get the other character? Uh, the Vietnam War buddy of Murtaugh.

spk_1:   27:21
Wait, there was a Whoa. What? Myrtle went to Vietnam? Not in the movie, but, like, yeah, he from the

spk_2:   27:27
special forces. He was They were both

spk_0:   27:29
special special. Riggs Riggs with special forces.

spk_2:   27:31
Oh, Martha. Yeah. Oh,

spk_0:   27:33
there's a character named Michael Hunsaker. And now you say, Well, oh, h u n s a k e r um, And I think that the girl that jumped her name was Amanda. And I believe she was his daughter. Martha Hunting con sick. It says Hans Acres daughter Amanda. Yeah. Apparently committed suicide by jumping from her.

spk_2:   27:57
Yeah, And when she did that because she had a his father,

spk_1:   28:00
she had a sister because there was a yearbook that Murtaugh was going through, and it had 200 acres in it. And it was Amanda. And I think bad burley or

spk_2:   28:11
brand. So Hunsecker goes to marks on the beginning and like, needing his help. And Myrtle's just kind of like, No, I did not see. He was like, No, I don't want to help you or whatever. He turns him now and then later, You know, it finds out that, like a manager about the window and all this, And he asked the guy later, Hunsecker, is that Why did you come to me? You said you needed my help, and you know he would. He was like, Why, years ago? Because I knew my daughter was in hot water and myrtle like, No, you're in hot water. And you knew your daughter got caught up in it.

spk_1:   28:39
Oh, okay. I get it. Now. There was at one point in, like, the middle of the movie. They went to a mansion, right, And they're at this mansion and on Lee Murtaugh went inside, and Riggs just stayed outside. And this was after what I thought. You're putting your hand up. See? It's something less in

spk_0:   28:59
five. Okay, We're almost 30.

spk_2:   29:01
We'll let me when I was there. I mean, luckily, you nailed the movie really well enough. Yeah, but they're

spk_1:   29:05
at the mansion, and only Murtaugh was inside. And I was like, This is weird. Why is Myrtle the only cop that went in to talk to this criminal because I thought he was like, a suspect type dude, right? And then all of a sudden, a helicopter rolls up and just starts lighting the place up, and Riggs tries to shoot it with a pistol. So hopeful it was. Did you catch the gun range scene?

spk_2:   29:29
Yes, they will. I don't know what happened to the gun range, but they like we're talking at the gun range.

spk_1:   29:34
So after they, like it was previous was just after, uh, dinner at Murtaugh is right. Um, and they go to the gun range and you know, they're talking shop, and you can I assume they were like, Oh, I could shoot better than you can like 00 I doubt it. Right. And I'm sorry. I'm getting over being sick. Um, so they're at the gun range and Murtaugh shoots and he gets them all its center mass, which is good right now and that they're a little space up space. That part, and then fucking Riggs brings his, um, target up. And Riggs is literally, just all in a circle in a like a pattern. It's center mass in in the head. And so that Myrtle is like, Oh, yeah, And so he sends his out a little bit farther and does it, and he gets one straight dead center in the head. And then he's like, let me see you do something like that. So Riggs sent, keeps the target out there and just sends it all the way to the end of the gun range and then shoots a smiley face into it. And so then the next scene, he's like trying to shoot a helicopter. Yeah,

spk_2:   30:40
what you possibly could've done. Um,

spk_0:   30:43
helicopter crashes. There's just a perfect smiley face on the windshield,

spk_1:   30:47
and they have their own hatchets that blow up helicopters in call of

spk_0:   30:49
duty. It's true that we're actually

spk_2:   30:52
that's based on real life call of duty, so All right, so, um, if you had a rate lethal weapon, what would you rate it?

spk_1:   31:01
Well, are we rating it as a Christmas movie? We didn't expect it to be. And all this was an accident. But

spk_2:   31:08
I say yeah, yeah, I mean, still a Did we just say jingle Bells or number is not like the Thanksgiving winner?

spk_1:   31:14
Yeah. I'll give it an eight out of 10. All right? Yeah, I had fun. It was fun. Yeah. Mel Gibson had some moves, dude. Yeah,

spk_2:   31:25
I think I'm gonna give it actually gonna one point higher. Get a nine out of 10. What? The's are my type of movies that I'm discovering this kind of style. I mean, the music. And it was incredible to It was like So you did the music. Danny Elfman,

spk_1:   31:40
Eric Clapton, Eric Clapton. They're nice, you know. You know that? I know I love you. Yeah, it's Ah, Eric Clapton and Michael. Kate,

spk_2:   31:51
I think I've seen that name before. Um, I'm really big in the music scores. I think I've seen enough, but All right, um, follow us on instagram and stuff. You know that. Yeah. Follow us

spk_1:   32:06
that. Hear? No, See, no movie. Um, remember agreeing vegetables follow Will. It will underscore sti. So what have you just shout out. First, Follow Evan at the unknown Kids. Follow me at HD is 247 and then, uh,

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email and review. Yeah, email us all that good stuff

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here in a movie scene. A movie at gmail dot com. Uh, give us a rating, you know, because it's all you guys do, you know, write reviews.

spk_2:   32:32
Well, that I'm even giving us a rain in awhile. Yeah, make it a Make it your New Year's resolution. You know, be more active in the community where your community and be active in us. Please be as

spk_0:   32:42
enough We're so bossy every time we ended up. Really? Do this. Do this. Do that.

spk_2:   32:49
That's part of what no one does. Try different

spk_0:   32:51
way. Gotta, like, narrow it down.

spk_2:   32:53
Yeah, hold on. Hold on to a room. Hey, guys, if you could please, um, if you if you wanted to know if it if it seems OK with you, you know, rapists on something.

spk_1:   33:05
I just think you're all lazy bums. And, uh, I know you're listening. We got the numbers. There, there.

spk_2:   33:12
We love you.

spk_0:   33:13
Uh, this this is good cop. Bad cup?

spk_2:   33:15
Yeah, that's ah, we appreciate you and and I just want you to know, I thought you're going to say this is an ultra.

spk_1:   33:26
Oh, that would've been a good time. I was like, Why isn't he saying anything? Well, everybody, this was been a great year of recording podcasts for you and, uh Oh, yeah, yeah. Have a good new year, Lamar Jackson. Forever. Me, P um, this is an outrage.